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A Nation in the Balance

I’m a pastor, but God also called me to minister in the realm of government. I have been around government and politics long enough now to observe the good, bad and ugly. Quite frankly it’s going to get uglier before it gets better, and it’s mostly our fault.

Government is always based on a standard. That standard is enacted (hopefully) by the right people, to do right. Others try to subvert or destroy that standard, and it will only hold up based on the resolve of the people that believe in it. Many on our side are shocked when the standard is attacked, but it’s what the enemy does. These people don’t want to coexist. They want to destroy the standard. They will use tools like “coexistence, dialogue, and compromise” to try to win incremental victories. We should not be deceived. They are enemies, and should be treated as such. The standard needs to be held high by our side, while the enemy is treated as the enemy and defeated accordingly.

But here’s what has happened over time. Many of the “standard bearers” have quit. Standard bearing makes you a target. The standard bearer was out in front of the army, leading the charge. The standard bearer was up on the wall near the city gates, showing who controlled the city. So standard bearers are always in the line of fire. They need good armor, excellent allies, and people that will rally around the standard to defend and protect it. Many times, the people that have led the charge have quit after a relatively short season. They got angry, tired, lazy, or just wanted to do what the left does all the time…live for themselves. This leaves a shrinking pool of patriots and standard bearers that are fighting on today.

There have been at least four turns since 2001 in this war; four battles when the patriots quit and went home. The first was with the Tea Party movement. They rose up after 9/11 and started standing for America. Most of them wanted easy victories, and the ability to wave signs and rage, hoping for change with little investment. Their hearts were good, and intentions pure. They wanted a united America around God and Country, lower taxation and regulation, and unity to defeat those that had attacked America. They were not prepared for the counter attack against their raising of that standard. The media hated them. The entrenched swampers in local areas tried to take them down. It was a shock to the untrained. Those that did take a stand were soon left isolated and demoralized. The Tea Party closed up shop.

The second was the movement that rose up over the Obama election. Buried college records, a fraudulent birth certificate, concealed relationships, and a cozy relationship with Muslim radicals made Obama a complete enemy of America. Many saw it and tried to stand against it. This time the media joined in to attack these patriots. Even though the birth certificate was fraudulent (I still have a copy somewhere, I believe, that I downloaded from the White House official release), the machine in power steamrolled the truth-tellers.

This brought about the cry for a leader, a real President. Into this climate came Trump. Trump beat every primary candidate, beat up the press, spoke to ordinary people, and sparked the third movement. Trump supporters came from all walks of life, and like him or not, Trump didn’t just win. Trump galvanized the nation. His supporters planned on a second term, and fought long a hard for the victory. Basement Joe Biden somehow managed to garner more votes than Obama by campaigning while sheltered, masked, and inarticulate. How did this happen? Trump was winning, bigly! There was a rally on January 6th and once again those in the swamp seemed to be winning.

After Trump was unseated, America smelled a rat. People began investigating election integrity, even conducting physical, door-to-door canvassing. (I myself witnessed ballot dumping at an election site across the parking lot from the church I pastor.) When all of these complaints were brought forward, nothing was done. No District Attorney picked up the affidavits. Nobody audited the video feeds. Those that did stand up were vilified, prosecuted, or marginalized. Once again, the media and the political machine were complicit in the behavior.

Through all of these battles a few things happened. First, the patriots gave up. Many of them wanted to lead groups instead of do ground-work. They don’t make good followers. Some of them wanted easy victories, and became angry when enemies wouldn’t merely concede and walk away. Second, the quitting patriots didn’t support the emerging patriots. Instead, they discouraged them by telling them how hard it was, how nobody listened, how the press was constantly against them, and finally they told them that they would not (or could not) win. They went home to their craft beer, big screen TV’s and waited for the apocalypse to begin.

Third, the left took advantage of the laziness of the right. They united and gained power that the right gave them. The quitting patriots used this as justification for getting out of the fight, and the nation is all the worse for it. Fourth, the patriots left in the fight became exhausted, underfunded, and were left standing alone. It just wasn’t fair. And finally, most importantly, the patriots never turned to Almighty God. They never filled the churches and halls with prayer and repentance. They had relied on their own strength and failed. They never turned to God, or cried out for His help. Instead, their arrogance condemned them to failure. They were no better than closet atheists, no matter what their mouths spouted in public.

So here we are. I haven’t blogged much because I have been in the trenches. I am one of those that have been fighting the fight, and I have witnessed what I write firsthand. I know friends and heroes today whose hands are welded to the sword, standing faithfully for America, getting off their knees to walk out another day with little help or support from the right, let alone the left. I also know people that have quit and are sitting on the sidelines when God has called them to the field. The enemy is large, and war is close. What will it take for us to repent, unite and reclaim the land?

Some people are waiting for war or anarchy, believing that it has come to that. Biblically I cannot disagree. When our pride and laziness ascends to this level, God must judge us. But we may be surprised at who He judges, because it won’t just be the political side that opposes us. It will be those that no longer stand in the gap for the land as well.

Have you seen war? No. God has graced America with peace. Have you seen the destruction you claim you are ready for? No. Many things would be better than war. Those that speak arrogantly about picking up a weapon and taking care of things don’t know what they are saying. Ask any real warrior. Ask those that have been there. They will tell you the truth in few, sparse words, with memories in their eyes. You don’t know what you are saying; what you are thinking.

So what must we do right now? First, the time to be on our knees before Almighty God is now. We have sinned against Him. We have taken our hands off the wheel. We have let evil rule the land and work its way into every area of government. Every single one. Second, we must stand up and insert ourselves back into these areas. Why? So we can see how bad it has become. So we can prepare to retake this nation…if not now, after judgment. We must know the horrors and atrocities that are being done, from porn in schools, to District Attorneys and others in government that agree more with the devil than with Christ. We must prepare to say “never again.” That means we must know the corruption and let it reek in our nostrils until we develop a hatred for it.

Third, we must stop looking for deliverance in a man. Proverbs 30:27 says that the locusts have no king, and yet they advance forward in bands. God is looking to us. We must look to Him, stand up, and begin to reclaim America at the local level. Walls are built from the ground-up; not the top-down. We are God’s solution, and it’s time to get to work. Fourth, we must start standing and supporting those that are working hard right now. They need encouragement, an experienced hand, and strength. Be that person. Stop criticizing every move. Stop complaining! Stop sitting on the sidelines; you are being called to the field. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before!

I know this blog is longer than most I write. This has been coming together as I have been working for the Lord and standing for the land. I’m calling for all of us to repent, reclaim and rebuild. Yes, judgment is coming. Yes, there are still dark days ahead. That’s why you are needed in the field right now. We were told by Christ to “occupy until I come.” We need to be the occupying force. Let’s get busy. For the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith!

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