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When America Walked Away From God

I love history. It began when I traveled with my parents through the West and saw firsthand many of the historic sites west of the Mississippi River. When I began to read, I devoured books about history. I learned that everything in the American colonies was bathed in the Bible, prayer, and Christian faith. Not everyone was a Christian, but everybody consented to the fact that the Bible was to be the moral bedrock upon which society was built. Both the “saints” and the “strangers” aboard the Mayflower signed the compact that stated they were building a colony for “the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the Founding Fathers and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, wrote a treatise with fifteen points, telling colonists that the Bible was the primary textbook in all public schools. Later, during the days of the Louisiana Purchase, all of the newly minted states had to demonstrate the fact that they would teach “religion” in schools, and of course that “religion” was the Bible. There was no national denomination, but there was a national faith. It was Christianity. Within that framework, George Washington welcomed Jews and extended a hand of friendship, while Thomas Jefferson sent the Marines to Tripoli, to seek out and destroy the “infidels” that were plundering American ships and killing her sailors. Liberty reigned because America was a Christian nation. The Holy Bible was the Common Law upon which the most famous documents were constructed. Then, we became “enlightened.”

Through the years Almighty God and Judeo-Christianity have either been lost, or have been intentionally forced out of life and society. One of the first places of attack was the government schools. Then came the courts, with Christian fundamentals being mocked with cases such as the Scopes Monkey Trial (which incidentally was won by the Christian side). Bible reading was pushed out of schools in the 1940’s, and prayer was lost in the early ‘60’s. No fault divorce emerged in the late 60’s in California, signed into law by California Governor Ronald Reagan. Abortion on demand soon followed.

Today, Christianity is publicly hated. Pastors that once provided social and Biblical counseling have been pushed out of schools, chaplaincies and other programs that opt for secular, paid positions instead. Why? They have rejected God. You can take in a foster child, but the state now tells Christian foster parents what to do, and they comply because the state is now God instead of God being Lord over the state. The same holds true with adoption services. Christian charities are welcomed as long as they provide valuable services without witnessing. America wants the good of the God, but they don’t want the God of the good any more. Even disaster services like FEMA now require that clergy be “certified” in their programs, instead of respecting and acknowledging them for the Biblical and scholastic excellence they bring from their Christian lives. Jesus Christ is now hated, and the nation that was built on His values is turning against the One that blessed their foundations.

Recently I was a part of a group that was reading a collection of books from a local library. This was a middle and high school library in a more conservative town; not a collection from San Francisco. In the library were titles like “Gender Queer” and others that contained graphic comic strips that would make godly Americans weep. Some books openly challenged and demonized Christians while others mocked the Bible, biblical marriage, and basic principles like obeying parents and school authorities. Many of us that read through these books were either moved to prayer and weeping or we were enraged. This is not the America we knew. This is the leftist, globalist, perverted America that evil men and women are grooming our children and grandchildren to be enslaved in for the rest of their lives. Something has to be done.

The answer begins with repentance and our returning to God, but it must go much deeper than a little “oops” prayer. We must really, truly repent. We must root out evil in our land. In Jeremiah 1:10 God told Jeremiah to root out, pull down, destroy and tear down things before he could build and plant. We must do the same. Personally, I believe it is time for every God-fearing individual to take ownership for the sin we have allowed. It’s our fault. We have been lazy or asleep. Now we must repent.

Then we must prepare to do battle against evil. The solution for mental health is not in a secular clinic, even though there may be great people working there (even Christians). The solution is Jesus Christ. The handbook is the Bible. The laws are written in there, and they are ironclad. Our schools need to teach the Bible again, starting in preschool and working clear through the university level. We must teach morals. We must rebuild society around Christ. We must have godly morals, structure, laws and societal standards that come from Judeo-Christian foundations again. Everything else is sinking sand.

I don’t write these things because I’m a gloomy person, nor do I want to just rain on your happy day. I see America failing. I’m doing my best to stand in the gap, but I believe that God also wants you. He wants you to join with others like me. He wants you to contribute your time, treasure and talent. He wants you to step into a realm that is currently occupied by a leftist, a globalist or a tyrant. You! Yes, you! Like Moses, Esther, David or Ruth, you are God’s solution to the trouble in this nation. Will you take a stand? Will you join me in reclaiming America? We have lost our grip on the wheel. It’s time to repent and begin steering again. Join me, will you?

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