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Are you one of them? I know many patriots and Christians that have given up on America. They wouldn’t say that perhaps, but they live that way. At one point many of these good people have been involved in life, society, perhaps in activism of some sort, but they flamed out. They found out that the enemy is determined. They fought for awhile. Then, they got tired.

Today America is getting worse. While patriots have gotten out, globalists and tyrants have gotten in. They see the opportunities created by our weariness, our laziness, our lust. No longer does their veiled demand to coexist hold water. We now know that they intend to impose, rule and enslave those that disagree with them in any way.

Where did we go wrong? We held this nation for many years, and everyone was blessed because of it. Then came the fight. Most of us don’t like to fight, so we simply walked away. We are generally hard-working, and we had plenty to do anyway. There were careers to build, children to grow, and we wanted to play. So while we worked, played and even prayed, the enemy came into our nation in droves.

Now we are tired. We are weary because government has become a god, the state has replaced the church, education has become indoctrination, and even entertainment has a perverted agenda. We cannot escape the fight, so now we must stand up when it is harder than any time in our lives. Will we win? No. Not at first. Not until God purifies our hearts and cleans out the self-serving attitudes that made us walk away.

Daniel 7:25 tells us of a time when a powerful system and leader will come to power. It says that, “he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High.” Did you get that? The enemy of God’s people on earth will attack the Judaeo-Christian culture, and will use words and his power to wear out the saints of the most High. Are we there? Is this now? I believe we could be living this out today.

The verse goes on to say that God will determine the outcome. The enemy goes down; God’s people win. But there is a season where the Christian and the patriot will be under the thumb of the enemy. This is to purify them. We have not lived up to God’s expectations. We have been idolatrous, self-serving and lazy. Our vigilance has failed. This is the primary reason why the wicked are in power today.

So it’s time. It’s time to address the tiredness, the weariness that grips our minds, our bodies, and our souls. We must stand for the land. What will we tell our children? That we gave away their land for our addiction to sports, games and leisure? Will we tell them that we got fed up and just checked out? That isn’t good enough. We must overcome the enemy by standing up, outlasting them, pressing them into a corner, and putting their backs against the wall. Will it be a fight? Absolutely! But then, and only then will history view us in a favorable lens. And only then will God say well done.

I’m tired, but not too tired. I would rather stand up and face the enemy than have them rule over me. Let’s make America great again. One nation. One God. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all.

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