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God Made The Rainbow

I like rainbows. They stand out in the fresh air in stark contrast to the clouds around them, while the earth breathes and takes in the rain and sunshine God gives. The first rainbow was given to humanity so we would not tremble in terror every time a rainstorm came after the flood. It promised to us that God would not destroy the earth with water, as He had done in the days of Noah. It was a signal of God’s kindness, and His lasting promises to humanity.

Despite my love for rainbows, I get angry every time I see a rainbow flag. It speaks of the perversion and hatred for God that our society displays by flaunting our sin in His face. The so-called “gay pride” movement has hijacked the rainbow and tried to redefine God’s kindness, taking His symbol as an emblem of their own wickedness. It’s time to take the rainbow back.

June has now been touted as “gay pride” month, and many cities and other government offices recognize this with misguided proclamations. What are they honoring? They honor a sexually aberrant minority group in society that is connected to mental disorders, pedophilia and spiritual death. Every state in the U.S. had anti-sodomy laws on the books until the 1960’s, and deviant sexual behavior was connected to mental issues in every strata of society. Then came the ‘60’s and rebellion against everything that was Biblical, traditional, pro-family and pure. Sadly, the rainbow fell victim to the assault.

John 10:10 says that the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy cannot create. He can only seek to take and destroy what was once glorious and beautiful.

So, what has been stolen from us?

Our honor of the natural order. Homosexuality is not natural, but deviant. God made male and female; not Heinz 57. God made the animals “after their kind,” and it was good. Homosexuality? Not good.

Traditional Biblical values. The Bible existed as the common law of the United States of America for nearly 400 years. American society functioned on the strength of the Bible, and in the remarkable sparseness of laws in American society spoke to this. Judges used the Bible from the bench in court houses across America, because it was united in a common faith. However like weeds in a garden, evil men and women have always tried to undermine God and His Bible. How are we faring today?

Our symbolism. The rainbow was once a thing of beauty, pointing people to look upward to Almighty God. It spoke to us of His faithfulness to every generation from Noah onward, and caused us to consider Him every time the storm ceased and the sun came out. This beautiful sign in the heavens has now been devalued into an idol free for the taking, to depict rebellion, perversion and pride. What do children think of today when they see the rainbow flag? God, or deviant sexual behavior?

Our love of purity, innocence and adolescence. As a society we once gloried in innocence. Children were children, and we let them grow up working beside us, playing in yards and streets, and enjoying being children. Then came the sexual revolution. This has now spiraled into groups like “Glow” or “Splash,” that bring transvestites and cross-dressers into public libraries to read to our children as drag queens and perverts. Gone is the innocence of young life. Groomers aren’t just in Disney. They are in your local library, school, and on your television screens. Today children must be protected from being recruited by perverts that know the only way to perpetuate their culture is by destroying yours. They will not stop until your children have been corrupted by their beliefs.

What should we do?

First, we need to look up! The rainbow still exists in all its glory and splendor. We need to look to God Almighty and realize that He has not changed His values, His Bible or His mind. There are still only two genders, One truth, and One God. Let’s take our marching orders from Him.

Second, it’s time to reclaim the narrative. Bible believing conservatives are being shamed into silence. It’s time to repent and stand up. The rainbow doesn’t belong to perverts. It belongs to us, thanks to Almighty God. So does marriage (only between a man and a woman), genders (only two), and every other moral term. Let’s take them back and own them once again.

Finally, let’s stand for our children. If we want life to be good for them, then it’s up to us to purify it again. Let’s build a firewall around our children. Let’s demand that the rainbow flag is banned from schools along with the teachers that push it. Let’s bring back the Bible, natural order, Biblical values and a sense of purity and pride in traditional elements of life. We won’t win unless we stand up, so let’s take a stand in our generation, so that our children will not be oppressed and enslaved.

The real rainbow has seven colors. They are: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. These go by the acronym VIBGYOR. That acronym is worth remembering, and so is the Creator of the Rainbow. That is something worth teaching your children. After all, rainbows matter! Let’s reclaim them during this month of June!

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