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Fluffy and Other Perversions

The 8th grade student waltzed into class recently and announced that she now “identified” as furry. Yes, furry. She was now a cat. She meowed through class, and batted at classmates as she strolled through the hallways. Her parents requested that she be accommodated and further demanded that a litter box be placed in the school bathroom for her to use in place of human facilities. This was her chosen “gender.” Was this in a liberal bastion like New York or Seattle? No! It happened in a small community in rural America.

In another “conservative” county the highly-touted Early College Academy just closed their celebration of “Gay Pride Week.” A local charter school introduced the book “Gender Queer” to the students this year. It’s a grooming book and at least one chapter teaches men and boys how to commit perverse acts.

If you ask the local school district whether they support Critical Race Theory (CRT), they will deny it. However, the so-called anti-bullying curriculum used throughout the schools titled “No Place for Hate” is completely CRT focused and agenda-driven.

Meanwhile, the high school elective course “The Bible in History and Literature” has been completely stonewalled by the local schools here. The Bible is not found anywhere in the library of the school, or of the local library district. Can you find the Koran? Yes. The writings of Buddha? No problem. Jesus? He’s not accepted.

It doesn’t matter whether you have children or grandchildren in these schools. It doesn’t matter whether you homeschool or children attend private facilities. Your taxes are paying for this! You are funding anti-Christian behavior! You are not standing up to make it stop! And because of this, it continues, even worsens as time goes by.

The reason I know this is because I am a part of a small band that has been standing to turn the tide in this local area. I have taken the time to get involved, to understand, to attend school board meetings, and I have not walked away. (I have been tempted, but I have persevered.) I have learned the inside baseball details. I have met the enemy face-to-face. What I have not found are many allies.

Most American patriots and Christians want someone else to do their dirty work. They want to play while someone else works. Hard. If they do decide to work, many only want to start another group and be an administrator with a title, posturing, and no action. Celebrity status in politics is disgusting. Where are the workers?

Beloved, I wish I could take 100 Christians and patriots to 6 months of meetings. School boards. City Councils. County Commissions. Even Republican or Democrat meetings. The ugliness of America would be apparent to them, and so would the high cost of patriotic apathy. We are at the point of losing this nation, and even today most patriots and Christians do not want to take action.

No. You aren’t too old. No. You don’t know enough, but you can learn. Yes. You do have the time. Yes. It’s boring, hard and will demand something of you. What are you going to do instead? Put Fluffy in a cheer squad? Play solitaire? Cheer on overpriced morons from Hollywood or a sports team? Well done patriot (and I mean that sarcastically). You have let the nation go to hell on your watch, and you shall give an account.

Still, in all of the apathy, the hopelessness and the tyranny, there is another sound. It is the sound of the minority. It’s the sound of the few, the remnant, the resolved. They are choosing to stand up. Sometimes it’s just one. Other times it’s two or three. They are taking the stand, and they refuse to go away. These are the ones that deserve our love, our prayers, our respect. But they deserve more than that. They deserve our commitment. Because the way to move from apathy to action is simple. Stand up. Find the fight, and join in it.

So beloved, what will we do with “Fluffy?” Do we stand against the child? Probably not. She is deluded. It’s time to stand against the parents that condone this. Don't give her a litter box, and don't make the school a dumping ground for their delusions either. It’s time to stand with the school board members that oppose this. It’s time to choose sides and prepare to do battle. Because in the end, that poor girls’ soul needs to be saved, and it won’t be saved by accommodating her delusion. It can only be saved by taking a stand and telling the truth.

The same holds true for America by the way. Will you stand? Will you act? Will you be there until the victory comes? God can work through you if you will arise. Blessings!

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