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Hi!  I'm Steven

I was born in Oregon, the son of traveling evangelists and pastors that ministered in churches all over the Western United States.  We moved to Colorado when I was still young and I have now counted that as home for many years.  After my call by God to ministry I assisted my dad in ministry while I also worked in corporate America (and did several blue-collar jobs besides).  Then in the 1990's I left a successful career to plant churches.  My wife and I planted one in Indiana, and later started another one out of that ministry.  We then moved back to Colorado where we planted another church in Northern Colorado.  That has been the core of my life, work and ministry for nearly two decades now.

Besides that, we have raised two wonderful daughters, and have a great son-in-law and granddaughter.  I have written three books, co-authored another with my brother, and have a passion for music and worship.  I play keyboards and saxophones, and really enjoy music from various genres.  I have been active in ministering to government now for nearly two decades.  In my spare time I love the mountains and open spaces, photography, reading, and life itself.  I'm educated beyond my intelligence and have a natural curiosity about many areas of life.

So enough about me!  What about you?  I will blog about my adventures, insights and passions, but you matter, too.  In fact, you are the reason Christ came, died and rose again.  So tell me about yourself, too.  Welcome to the blog!


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